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We are excited to offer a new blended course!  A portion of our course will now be conducted on-line through Flathead Valley Community College.  The on-line portion consists of three classes:  Montessori Philosophy and Foundations of Early Childhood Part I & Part II and Montessori Classroom Leadership.  These classes will be offered in a progression, one each semester beginning in the summer.  The addition of the on-line element will reduce the time required for students to be in-residence and provide a consistent means of contact and focus throughout the year.  Students will earn college credit (undergraduate) for the completion of these classes.

While these classes are a required part of our credential course, students must complete FVCC admission and register for the on-line classes directly through FVCC.  Tuition for these classes is administered by FVCC and therefore due at the time of registration.  The tuition amount is dependent upon residency status - the estimated total of which for all three classes is $1200-$1600.  For more information please visit: 

FVCC Tuition and Fees

FVCC Admission & Steps to Apply

COMPLETE COURSE SCHEDULE 2013-14 - Kalispell, Montana:

dates & times
subject to change
subject to change

(330 instructional hours)

$575 deposit
due upon enrollment
(Includes $50 non-refundable registration fee, AMS Student Fee $205, and MACTE Student Fee $151.)

FVCC On-line
Montessori Philosophy
and Foundations of Early Childhood Development Part I
(EDU191 - 3 credits)

Summer Semester
Begins 6/2013

estimated FVCC tuition

Summer On-Site Session

June 10-July 3, 2013 in Kalispell
8:00-5:30, M-F

Academic Phase Balance
due 6/1/13

FVCC On-line
Montessori Classroom Leadership 
(EDU291Z - 2 credits)

Fall Semester
begins 8/2013

estimated FVCC tuition
due upon registration

FVCC On-line
Philosophy and Foundations of Early Childhood Development Part II 
(EDU191 - 2 credits)

Spring Semester
begins 1/2014

estimated FVCC tuition
due upon registration

On-Site Workshop

January, 2014

included in Academic Phase installment


540 hours/one full school year in a Montessori environment (must be approved by MMTEI), arranged by student

$945due 9/1/13 or at beginning of internship year (2 year schedule)


June 2014 TBA

due 6/1/14 or upon testing (2 year schedule)

For students who prefer face-to-face learning as opposed to on-line learning, the subjects presented on-line will be offered in a face-to-face format every two years.  The price will be the same as the on-line price.