The Woodland Montessori School Foundation was created to support our fundraising endeavors.  The objectives and purposes of this corporation are to raise money so as to support Montessori education, making this educational method available to families and instruction/research regarding this educational method.  Specifically:

- Tuition Support for families seeking Montessori education for thier child(ren)

- Tuition Support for Montessori teacher certification

- Support of public interest in Montessori education through development of a Montessori and child development library and/or internet database for public use.

 - Support of educational research relating Montessori early childhood educational and brain research.

Proceeds from certain fundraising events organized and hosted by Woodland Montessori School are designated to be applied to the Woodland Montessori School Foundation.  All donations to the Woodland Montessori School Foundation are tax deductible.  Questions regarding the foundation or information about how to donate should be directed to woodland@mtmont.com.